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Give your customers the delightful data onboarding experience they deserve with boomxl pre-built data import button. Experience how your custom data import button works in the below 3 steps. Try the boomxl data import button below in 3 steps within 2 min. Boomxl processes the data file, auto-match column, auto validates & normalizes column values, cleans up the data file for you, and gives you the flexibility to view and edit records in real-time before importing the data into your product/application.

You can use boomxl in two ways :

Standalone: You could also use boomxl data import button standalone to automate the cleaning of your messy spreadsheet, thereby freeing you to focus on work that matters most to you that is upsell, renewal and making customer happy.

Integrating within your Product/Application: Using boomxl trial account, you can generate pre-built custom data import button specific to your product/application in less than the time it takes to drink your coffee instead of a custom developing data import solution by your IT team that takes weeks or months.

Step 1

Download sample data file to try boomxl smart data import solution.

Step 2

Click below button to experience boomxl data import solution.

Step 3 (Result)

Give your customer upload experience they deserve with boomxl pre built upload button

Download the sample excel file, and hit Try boomxl button below to experience how easy it is to use boomxl for all your file upload and processing needs. The sample excel file contains various fields, but boomxl is not limited to those fields only, you can try any excel file and see how boomxl processes the files and gives you flexibility to view and edit records before final processing.

Once you are done uploading the file and completing the mapping, reviewing records etc, click complete to generate the JSON outut of the file. You can even pass the same JSON output to any url via our webhook feature.