boomxl is flexible enough that meets your needs and can be configured dynamically.

boomxl configuration is Array of Objects and each object represents individual field and its validations and normalizations, the object represents one column in uploaded excel/csv file that it is going to be mapped with.


columns is the first and most important key:value pair of boomxl configuration object, It is an array of objects and each object represents one single column in uploaded excel/csv file. Below are various object keys of individual column object.


name key represents the name of column it is expecting in the uploaded excel/csv file, it must be unique to other configuration options and it will be returned in processed json object and will be the key in each returned response array. This is required and must be non-empty and must not contain any space.


label displays the column name during mapping process, it is human readable name for respective column name. This is required and must be non-empty.


webhook_url is key:value pair of boomxl configuration object, It defines the URL where boomxl will send processed results, The request method will be POST and below is the sample response format.

Response Format :

Sample Object

Below is the basic sample object for configurations, you can check other additional column options in next section under validations and normalization

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